Raquel Gabriel

Garry Eudy (USA)

Founder and Chairman

Garry founded VBI in 2011.

kevin cruz

Kevin Cruz (USA)

Executive Director

Kevin oversees the marketing and mobilization activities for VBI and builds relationships with churches, both in the United States and abroad.

David Singleton

David Singleton (USA)

Executive Administrator

David is responsible for operations and resource administration.

Raquel Gabriel

Salvador Zapeta (Guatemala)

Director of International Ministries

Salvador oversees operations and relationships with churches in Latin America.

Raquel Gabriel

Matt Reed (USA)

Regional Mobilizer

Matt serves as the Stateside mobilizer for East Tennessee and North Georgia.


Raquel Gabriel

Massiel de Leon (Guatemala)

Director of Media and Communications

Massiel oversees our Media and Communications Department.

Raquel Gabriel

Damaris Alcantara (Guatemala)

Director of Mobilization

Damaris directs our team of mobilizers.

Raquel Gabriel

Maricarmen García (Guatemala)

Administrator General

Maricarmen oversees all field administrative and financial processes.

Raquel Gabriel

Rafael Menchú (Guatemala)

Medical Missionary

Rafael coordinates medical ministry activities in Guatemala.

Raquel Gabriel

Jon Michael Williams (USA)

Home Construction Missionary

Jon coordinates home construction projects for teams and partner churches in Guatemala.

Raquel Gabriel

Michael and Anna Eudy (USA)

Church Planter Missionaries

Michael and Anna work with churches in Guatemala to equip them to plant new churches in communities where there is no Gospel witness.


Mission Team Mobilizers


Our team of mobilizers works hard to plan mission trips throughout Central and South America. They are the connecting points between partner churches.