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Oct 9, 2023 | Leadership Note

Guatemala Elections (Update!) 

Many know Guatemala’s recent election has been challenged by high officials in the out-going  administration. So the people have taken to the highways and city roads of the country to block  traffic. These demonstrations, as of just this morning, have effectively shut down the city as well as  the major highways. 

We have 6 teams in the country, of which 5 are from Tennessee and 1 from Georgia. 

Three of Tennessee teams that are outside the capital were permitted to go through the roadblocks  and are in their original ministry sites. The Georgia team is making its way back to the city. One of the  Tennessee teams (FBC Lexington) stopped halfway and just started working with a nearby Baptist 

church. Another Tennessee team (Victory Baptist from Mt. Juliet) – planning to work in the city – is  now working with a church closer to their lodging. 

All these churches are seeing people saved, sometimes among those at the roadblocks! 

The trick is going to be when we can get them back to the city and close to the airport for their  scheduled departures. If the blockades are not lifted, they will have to stay where they are longer  than expected, but they will be safe.  

Everything is peaceful, but this is a very effective shutdown of the country. And again… all our people  are safe. 

Please pray that things will continue to be peaceful and will be resolved quickly. Please pray for  wisdom as teams redeem the time and minister where they are, even among the protesters. Please  pray for the Guatemalan people, many who can’t get food or water or gas for cooking or other basic  needs. Many people are open to the Gospel. And God is in control.